back again

not a lot to report; still plugging away at my 21 projects, still held up by no money, family crashes, tech problems and nowhere to do anything…but we plod on.

podcasting is my next move forward; after i collect my mac fron raindance [the nicest people on planet] i will do that plus appeals for crowd funding…all uploaded as soon as humanly possible. as for poetry i’m releasing a second edition soon to improve the weird formatting. and for teaching i’ve done a film which is a fast track yoga for myself..i go to kundalini as fast as i can…

finally my health is getting better one wy and getting worse in another. i had a 33 minute scan of my heart…and no bad heart pains since that night. i think the vibes dissolved a soft clot or maybe an adhesion…so although i still got angina that pain is gone! however now that white thing in my eye is growing…no pain, but i could lose my sight..the other eye having been very poor for years. so gods only know why the doctors have left me to suffer as they have; but feel quite cheerful…some really bad pain is gone for good. pretty damn cheery about that!

going to resume blog teachings under sister site ‘truthspeller’…as i approach kunadalini i can teach on whats been happening here for the last 3 years…and keep a log on the process.

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staying here!

i have made a mistake well really i didn’t. my blog is here. no this blog is permanent. but my podcasts will be uploaded via  libsyn…it will still take awhile. write scripts [story is done but no scripts] find voices and do it, then edit…only after that will ‘the minxes’ be allowed out. before then there may be a few odds and ends but i’m really just trying out the gizmos.

so this blog i was going to dedicate it to just podcasts and  general stuff. but i’ve changed my mind. this is HQ for anyone who’s read my teachings on blogspot or allpoetry and wants to see how it all ends….the blue illuminati i called it so its meant for them; help them in their coming to be.

so teachings will follow on as and when things occur to me. as for an update on my progress i have started a music education, since i have the books and a piano now. actually had the piano  year, but tonight sat down and worked first elementary lessons on it. the reason is the music from spiritlands…i heard another lot yesterday. beautiful, creepy, sad…..and perfect for my film ‘silent place’ which it so happens i rewrote the other day too.

going on wreckamovie later, and doing most of the advice given by filmutopia [some guy on twitter, right on about everything]. filmed a request for donations re indiegogo etc but haven’t edited yet…no the writing is a problem…celtz puts me off though i love the finished print out… i keep shying off writing the blessed screenplays. doing it now, in fact!

so; back to work!   the blue illuminati are watching their template here! be a good role model, gerry!

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my new blog

i had a teaching blog on a different blogsite; that one is now in stasis at least for now.

this blog is not about history or spiritual things primarily, mostly life, film world, writing, even poetry stuff….but i will be using the podcast facility from here.

those of my followers from blogspot, ustream [dragonsroar] and who wish i will advise to subscribe ad keep tabs on me here.

first up i got to fathom how to set up podcasts from here; nowhere does it say…then look for ‘the minxes’; a small serialised comedy. its going to take weeks. i’m skint as usual. but we’ll get there.

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here we are number 1 blog!

begun wordpress blog; this will include podcasts in the near future. [‘the minxes’]….

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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